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Till to now, our company, Zhongshan Haipan Electrical Appliances Co., Limited owns several patents in the manufacturing technology of commercial blenders, and we always make us as the market leader.  We have close cooperation with several laboratories from the Netherlands, Germany & Taiwan to keep abreast with the most up-to-date, trendy product design fashion. Our factory has the full house product equipment and production facilities. Most of our products like plastic, motors, PC jugs, blade groups are all produced by our factory to ensure our quality reliability.

We also insist in using pure copper wire motor as our electric generators and we will not use any second hand components and raw materials to make worse our quality standard.

After over 16 years of manufacturing length, we are almost a top five manufacturer in China for making commercial blenders, we are proud to have over 100 different designs for any customers to choose and exclude for their market. We also follow the market trend to produce more new models in commercial blenders such as thermal heating blenders, super quiet blenders, or mini handy blenders. Our prices are consistent of our quality, So we would welcome more customers to join us as a team for exploring more market place for our commercial blenders, milk shake machines, coffee grinders, and we can accept OEM projects under customer’s requirement. Contact us today for more details !



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