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TM-902 Electrical Family / Catering Kitchen Heating Blender (Instant Soup / Fruit Juice Maker)


Intelligent Multifunctional Electrical Kitchen Heating Blender – (Soup Maker)


Features :

User-friendly 10 main button control panel, one-key soft touch operation.

High conductive stainless steel 304 heating plate, rapid heating and non-rusting bottom plate.
Magnetic induction lockup design for double safety purpose

Food standard approved borosilicate glass jug, high resistance to high temperature
High-speed blending motor to make complete extraction of food nutrients for making hot/cold drinks.
Controllable speed and microcomputer clock system for counting time used for any blending recipes.

High quality carton steel water-proof blade, extraordinary hardness and no rusting occurred.
Three dimensional heating technology, high efficiency of heat transfer.
Strong industrial pure copper wire motor, finely grind and chop all food into essential nutrients
Premium top branded quality, trustworthy long life motor life

Model : TM-902

Functions : auto-timing, fast heating, evenly blending like a experienced chef
capacity of jug : 1.75 Litre

digital controlled display, all-in-one direction

ultra-high-performance powerful motor (pure copper wire)

8 different programmable recipe stations

Heating power : 1000W
Motor power : 1200W

Packing :

Item dimension : L234 x W285 x H488 mm

single box  : 45.0 x 35.0 x 29.0 cm

N.W. : 5.08 kg

G.W. : 6.5 kgs

610 pcs / 20′ ctr , 1220 pcs / 1×40′ GP , 1,500 pcs / 1×40′ HQ




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